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FOMC Lifts Fed-Funds Target Range

This "Take Five" video is the first segment of a new series providing an overview of FOMC Policy Statements from Dr. Bill Emmons, Assistant Vice President of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. Bill reacts to the FOMC’s policy statements and offers additional thoughts on what those decisions might mean for banks. 

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We have a special “Take Five” video for you this time, the topic is Fintech, and it might warrant a little explanation first. We had Gerry Tsai from the San Francisco Fed come to St. Louis recently to educate our examiners on Fintech: what is it, who are the players, what are the benefits / risks, what should we be aware of, and more. It was a robust discussion with lots of education for our staff. And we wanted to share a condensed version of that with you, so we asked Jim Fuchs to interview Gerry on the main Fintech points. Fintech is in the news a lot, and there is a lot more to be learned, but this video covers the basics and should provide a nice foundation for the work ahead.

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